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Rainbow Woven Weave Wallpaper Mockup with Pink Chair

Bright and poppy colors paired with textures you can see and touch, this collection is inspired by one of the more colorful parts in our homes: our wardrobe.

Teal Wallpaper Mockup with Watercolor Vintage Cameras

Hiking in the mountains, spotting local wild life and camping in the national parks are just a few memories that inspired my latest Wanderlust Collection.

Living Room Mockup with Pink and White Wavy Checked Wallpaper and Rose Gold Weave Rug Pattern
Rose Gold Holiday

This collection showcases soft pinks and rich reds for a classic but trendy holiday feel.

About Me

Headshot of Erin Furgason in green romper

A chemical engineer turned surface pattern designer, I have always been a unique and creative person. 

I've enjoyed experimenting with my style and pushing my own boundaries with color and design. My main interest has been wallpaper and wall mural creation - I'd love to get licensed by a major wallpaper or interior design company but I also sell my art on fabric, art prints, furniture, clothing, and other products via Spoonflower and Society6.

Recently, my designs have consisted of calm and serene botanical designs, and bright and poppy trends. I also enjoy working with rich, dark hues that bring drama and character to a space.

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These are my top selling designs on Spoonflower and Society6

Bold Watercolor Roses Design
Rope maze design with navy background
Blue Boxy Flowers Design

Feedback on my designs

Terracota Weave Design

I watched how you did this on Instagram. It was fascinating!

Best of luck!

Daffodil tile design with piglet pink tiles

Erin, this is just so very beautiful, brava!!!!

Seaglass Buttons Design

What a fun design! Love the textures on the buttons.

Bold and Brash Designs

Creating colorful and exciting designs that make a statement.


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Mars Hill, NC. USA

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